DVD: The Five Movements (DVD-Box (für DVD oder CD/CD-ROM))

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The Five Movements is a movement practice that was developed for and arises from the teaching and practice of the Diamond Approach®. As a daily practice, it supports awakeness, aliveness, alignment, fullness and fluidity in the body, and the integration and embodiment of core aspects of the teaching. Although it is specifically expressive of the Diamond Approach®, its universal principles make it useful for anyone. The DVD includes an interview with Linda Krier who developed the practice, a 50 minute class with detailed instructions, demonstration of the movements, and questions and answers. It also includes a 12 minute daily practice, set to music, with no verbal instruction which is useful for daily practice once you"ve learned the movements.
Linda Krier has been exploring the spiritual nature of the body since 1983 as a teacher of the Diamond Approach and 1976 as an Aston-Patterning Teacher. She offers her unique understanding of spiritual embodiment to groups and individuals in the US and internationally.