Keys to the Enneagram

How to Unlock the Highest Potential of Every Personality Type

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Oldenburg, 25.10.2021 Leider sind die Pakete mit den Almaas-Büchern u.a. noch unterwegs. Sie sollen Mitte der Woche bei unserem Dienstleister eintreffen, der sie aus England weiterbefördert. In den USA sind sie am 12.10. vom Großhändler weggeschickt worden.       Normalerweise wären die Pakete dann jetzt schon hier. Aber es ist immer noch nicht „normal“, zum einen wegen Corona und zum anderen erschwert der Brexit Zollabfertigungen usw.. Wir selbst können da leider nichts beschleunigen… Also müssen wir noch um etwas Geduld bitten…wenn die Bücher dann endlich bei uns eintreffen werden sie auch gleich von uns bearbeitet.
  An Introduction to Personal Transformation through Diamond Inquiry Much like the ocean, each of us has inner depths: an entire world beneath the surface of everyday living pulsing with beauty and mystery. These depths reveal the very things that we spend our lives searching for: love, support, belonging, meaning, joy, and freedom. Through the contemplative practice of diamond inquiry, you can begin exploring your inner world just like a diver discovering a reef. Diamond inquiry combines the depth of meditation with the power of psychological insight. Developed by A. H. Almaas, this simple yet powerful practice is ideal for anyone wanting to explore their inner world. Dominic Liber introduces this powerful tool along with step-by-step exercises to develop your understanding. In time every situation becomes a doorway to deep insight and transformation. News & Reviews "In simple and easy steps, Dominic invites us to befriend our experience and to gently explore it through to its underlying meanings, coming to depths we have not contemplated and places we have not known in us." —from the foreword by A. H. Almaas Browse inside


A. H. Almaas is the pen name of Hameed Ali, the Kuwaiti-born originator of the Diamond Approach, who has been guiding individuals and groups in Colorado, California, and Europe since 1976. He is the author of many books, including The Power of Divine Eros, The Unfolding Now, and Runaway Realization.


More than just a tool to diagnose your personality type, the Enneagram was originally developed to help people find the ultimate freedom of consciousness and achieve spiritual liberation. A. H. Almaas brings us back to this original mission as he shares the essential keys that will help readers break free from the limitations and distortions of each type’s fixation—and to express their true spiritual nature in everyday life.
News & Reviews
"I am profoundly moved by and highly recommend Keys to the Enneagram. As one of the foremost spiritual leaders of our time, Almaas brilliantly illuminates the spiritual depths underlying the surface patterns of the nine Enneatypes. Offering approaches to attain those depths, this powerful, impactful work provides a valuable missing piece in our current Enneagram understanding and serves as an excellent guide for those who truly seek to use the Enneagram for spiritual awakening." —Terry Saracino, founding president and core faculty, The Narrative Enneagram "A. H. Almaas offers a new path for understanding the spiritual nature of the Enneagram. In this book, Almaas answers many questions you may not have known to ask, and he does so with a generosity that allows each of us to find our way. If you are a serious student of this ancient wisdom, this book is for you." —Suzanne Stabile, author of The Path Between Us and coauthor of The Road Back to You


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