CD: The Diamond Approach, 6 CDs

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A.H. Almaas, whose writings brilliantly illustrate the unity of modern depth psychology and traditional spiritual wisdom, is a respected, pioneering teacher. Jack Kornfield has called him “one of the most significant voices for a new and remarkably integrated spiritual vision.” Now for the first time ever, Almaas is creating with Sounds True an accessible audio introduction to his lifetime of work. Called The Diamond Approach, this program features insights refined from Almaas’ 30 years of teaching including how he has helped thousands around the globe “do the work” by investigating reality, developing emotional wholeness, uncovering their true essence, and realizing the non-duality of being. An Answer to the Modern Challenge of Living as "The Unfolding Now": According to A.H. Almaas, suffering comes when we don`t let reality do its thing. So how can we learn to relax into the dynamic flow of life and live as pure presence? Drawing from a constellation of wisdom teachings, depth psychology, and his own revelatory experience, this acclaimed author and teacher has uncovered a practical path: a process he calls "The Diamond Approach". Now, Almaas shares his revolutionary new model for human development that has helped many usher in what he calls "runaway realization". Join him on his first full-length audio course to explore what it means to simply be who we truly are - without fixing or changing anything. Looking within to Discover Your Authentic Life: If we"re not looking to improve anything then what are we to do? Look within. Internal structures - such as feelings of inadequacy, the drive to achieve, the need to control our world - can prevent us from experiencing our true nature. "The Diamond Approach" helps us investigate these constructs through progressive levels of inquiry. According to Almaas, a strong desire for truth tempered with compassion is all that we need to begin the path of inner discovery. Program Highlights: - Your unique essence and why discovering it is vital for complete spiritual realization, - The five fundamental dimensions of your true nature: emptiness, awareness, presence, love and dynamic change, - How to "stay with it", the key attitude for productive self-inquiry, - Allowing reality to reveal itself, - Consciousness beyond - and including - ego and identity, - Learning from the lows of life to meet any experience with openness, - The soul redefined as an "organ of experience", - Narcissism as a tool for opening to deeper levels of self-knowledge, - Guidance and insights to help you spontaneously and freely be you. 6 CDs, Running time: 7 3/4 hours (2009)


A. H. Almaas is the pen name of Hameed Ali, the Kuwaiti-born originator of the Diamond Approach, who has been guiding individuals and groups in Colorado, California, and Europe since 1976.


Listen to a sample: https://www.soundstrue.com/store/the-diamond-approach.html


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