Diamond Approach: An Introduction (kartoniertes Buch)

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"This excellent book gives the first overall overview of the major dimensions of the Diamond Approach. In it John Davis does true credit to the importance of this work." Jack Kornfield This book is the first systematic overview of the Diamond Approach. In a clear and accessible way, it introduces the central teachings and practices of this unique new spiritual path. This book will appeal to those who are new to the Diamond Approach as well as those who have been studying and practicing this work. John Davis opens the book with a personal account of this own experience of the Diamond Approach. Individual chapters then cover its orientation; the method of Inquiry; the Soul; Space; Essence and the Theory of Holes; the Personal Essence (the Pearl); the Essential Identity (the Point); and the Boundless dimensions. The Epilogue again speaks to the reader in a more personal way. Each chapter consists of engaging, thorough coverage of the central features of each topic by Davis and extensive selections from books and talks by Almaas. This combination reveals the breadth, depth, and richness of the Diamond Approach. "Dr. John Davis has a great deal of experience in teaching and working with students in the Diamond Approach, and it is clear that he puts it to good use in the present book. The result is a very clear, detailed, but simple overview of the Diamond Approach, written by one who know the subject matter both intellectually and experientially. Dr. Davis has rendered a great service here, both to the Diamond Approach and to the many readers who want a fresh look at the human potential and its spiritual dimensions." A.H. Almaas
John Davis is a senior student of A. H. Almaas and a teacher of the Diamond Approach. He is also a professor of psychology at the Metropolitan State College of Denver and a senior adjunct faculty member at the Naropa Institute.