The Purity of Desire

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Renowned for his poignant renderings of Hafiz"s mystical texts, Daniel Ladinsky here captures the beauty, intimacy, and musicality of Jalaluddin Rumi, one of the world"s most revered and widely read poets. Rumi was born in 1207 on the eastern edge of the Persian Empire. Fleeing from the invasion of the Mongol armies of Genghis Khan, Rumi and his family settled in Turkey, where his father was a scholar and mystic. Later, Rumi succeeded his father in leading a dervish college (a divinity school). His life was transformed in 1244, when he met Shams-e Tabriz, a wandering dervish. Shams became Rumi"s beloved companion and doorway to God. For Rumi, who believed that the soul comes alive in the presence of a real teacher, love was the inspiration for all his poetry. In collaboration with Nancy Owen Barton, and with learned insight and a delicate touch, Ladinsky explores in these one hundred poems the nuances of desire and captures the compelling wisdom of one of Islam"s most revered artistic and religious voices.


Daniel Ladinsky was born and raised in the Midwest. For six years he made his home in a spiritual community in western India, where he worked in a rural clinic free to the poor, and lived with the intimate disciples and family of Meher Baba. In introductions to his Hafiz poetry, Ladinsky notes that he offers interpretations and renderings of the poet, rather than literal or scholarly translations. His work is based on conveying and being "faithful to the living spirit" of Hafiz as well as other mystic poets.


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